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Bedouin stretch tents

Bedouin stretch tents we manufacture are the most trusted in South Africa and the world. unique design stretch tents. are available in various colours to give you plenty of options. We have the highest quality product. because we use waterproof and fireproof fabrics. to manufacture the best Bedouin stretch tent in the country. They won’t only protect you during bad weather but. also provide a perfect shading solution for any event or function

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Bedouin stretch tents are High quality and Versatile. We make our high-quality product using waterproof anti-fungal and fire-resistant fabrics.
  • With us you can have the perfect event for any occasion. Our stretch tents can enhance the ambience. We can help you to set-up a perfect party venue with sturdy tents. wonderful lighting and comfortable and modern seating arrangement. we can amplify decorative pillars inside the tent with some magical lights. Moreover, we can use lanterns and chandeliers to decorate the venue. Our bright stretch tents would liven up the outdoor party mood.

Placing our stretch tents

You can assemble our Bedouin stretch tents without any hassle. They can be set-up in an endless variety of shapes and structures according to the event. In case you want to host a grand event, you can combine two or more tents for a large gathering. You can choose different types of tents according to your event. Choose from Bedouin-style tents, themed coloured tents in lovely hues, framed tents. We also manufacture custom tents with graphics or company logo for brand building.

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